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 ~My Journey...My Words Penned...
 ~Enjoy My View...~        

~Hey y'all!!! Thank you for taking a view into my journey!!! I love sharing my experiences, both the good and the's a way of encouraging others and helping them along their own journey. There will be many simple blog posts, many long blog posts, many encouraging posts...and some real-life posts. Life is not for the faint of is rough. With Jesus, it is so much more fulfilling and His promises will carry us through the darkest of moments in our lives. I am a prayer warrior, neverrr underestimate the power of prayer!!! love will hear our music, you will see videos of myyy amazing, talented, gifted and immensely handsome son, Cayden as well!!!  We love to share Jesus through song!  My son plays the keyboard, piano and recently is strumming the guitar! cool Yeahhh, I am a proud Momma!!!  You best believe it!!! 
~I love to pen my words...whether it's scripture I'm sharing, advice or just what God has put in my heart. I'm a's what I do. I love to sing, play the piano...share Jesus with everyone! My most favorite passion is being Momma!!! God truly has blessed me in my life!!! So, I'm here to bless you!!! 
~With all of that said...Thank you again for visiting me!!! Always feel free to email me your prayer request or leave  a comment under my blogs!!! Much Love and Many Blessings!!!~ love
~The link included will take you to a snippet of encouragement from Christina Love from Christina's is 'Coffee with Christina'...I want to encourage each of you to always put on your full Armor of God every morning!~ 


 ~I'm All of the above...and...oddly maddd...~ love

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