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~Hey everyone! I hope you have all been doing fabulous! I actually wanted to share with y'all an amazing product that we came across! I are all so surprised! Ahaha! Well, y'all know we love to share products and more that will somehow, someway, help you along your journey in life! We love sharing products that will help give you peace of mind! 
Y'all know that I am an advocate for SIMPLICITY! It is my word! I think that we live in a world that is so busy and hectic, that often times we forget how simple life really can be, if we allow it! We all just run around like a bunch of chickens that just got out of the coupe! Of course, not that we want to be like that, but the world keeps us moving like that. 
Life ...


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~Hey y'alll!!! Ohhh myyy goodness!!! It is Christmas!!! eek Whattt happened?!! I cannot believe this year is almost over!!! It is like we blinked and sneezed...then bammm, it's over!!! Ahhh!!! Well, I am sure that most of us are absolutely everywhere trying to finish up last minute Christmas shopping!!! Except for me!!! That is righttt!!! I am done and all gifts are wrapped!!! Woot Woot!!! I am totally thrilled that I have had a little bit of time to just really enjoy the season this year!!! love
~I just wanted to send a reminder to everyone...that the only reason for the season, is...JESUS!!! He is the reason why we celebrate this holiday. It is so important to make sure we share this with our youngins and other family and friends. It is so easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, that we forget in ...


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Been Awhile!!! Sooo Thankfulll!!!

~Hey y'all!!! Can we say it's been a longgg while?!! eek We have all been sooo immensely crazy busy, with sooo many different opportunities and life in general!!! I pray that each one of you had an amazingly blessed Thanksgiving!!! love Now...Happyyy December!!! love
~Most of you that follow me, know that I am a huuuge advocate for being thankful every single day. To me, if we are not thankful daily, then why would we even expect God to continue to bless us immensely?!! Yes, He will bless us, but if we can't take a few breaths to tell Him how grateful we are for HIM, then we should never expect so much from Him!!!
~With that said, I have my latest video blog or encouragement video(whichever wording you prefer), that I want to share with you!!! We are all going to endure storms that seem like they will last forever. We are ...


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Look Up

Take a look up
If you feel alone

Maybe even stare
If you feel like stone

Take a deep look inside
For he is everywhere

Even if you feel he's not
I promise you he's there

Walk tall and with security
He will hold you up

Stagger maybe or fall
Again he will pick you up

Look up tonight
Know he's looking down

Pray in silence
Don't make a single sound

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Love Is Not Just A Noun But Also A Verb...


~Love~...'an intense feeling of deep affection'... Love...'a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person'... Love...'is not just a noun, but also a verb'... Love...'is patient, love is kind...' ... We all falter, we all fail...but it's how much we truly love a person that will surpass all the negativity, when two people try and they get the proper tools to help them grow, together...' love

  ~I wonder how often people actually understand the meaning of 'love is not just a noun, but also, a verb'... Think about that. A verb shows what? It shows~ action. So, why is so difficult for some people to show love? They 'say' they love a person, but do they truly know deep down what it truly is? Do they know what it truly feels like? I honestly believe that so many people get wrapped up in the ...


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SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017

You Are Not Defined By Negative People and Their Actions!!!

~Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! I pray that each one of you are having a blessed weekend filled with immense love and joy! It has been a busy weekend for us, but that is alright! We did find time to sit on our back porch to renew our minds a bit! Please take a moment to view my short clip is a simple reminder that only Jesus defines you! Then, please continue to read my view, or just view the video after...either way just as long as your are blessed! 
~It's been on my heart heavy to share with y'all about what defines you. We go through so many battles, we walk through so many fires and we have to constantly be dealing with negativity, that we begin to think this is what defines is Not!!! People have a tendency to take ...


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You Wish... 

You could blame me for all of your hurt and pain...
You could still scream at me for all your failures...
You wish...I was the one that caused your own hell...
You could still demean me to make yourself look better...
You wish...I would say 'It is all me, it's not you'...
You could say that I didn't give all of my best...
You wish...I would carry your negativity around with me...
You wish...I wouldn't forgive you...
You wish...that I had a hatred for you, because it would make you feel better...
You wish...I would curse you out...
You could say that I never loved you...
You wish...that you could say that you never loved me...
You wish...for so many things...that are only a figment of your imagination,
in your make-believe world...

I Wish...

I ...


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Happy Fathers Day, Dad...

~I went to visit you today... I drove up your road, drove around and stopped at your earthly home but I couldn't walk up to the 'door'... But, my handsome son, your amazing Grandson, Cayden, did... You weren't home. He stayed there for a bit, shared a few things with you... He walked back to the car, he had tears in his eyes. He is far stronger than I could have ever imagined or prayed for. He is my rock in this crazy world. He has a way of making me smile when I feel like I have no smile left. He hold me up at times, he dries my tears, he opens my mind...we have such a powerful, special bond. We have been through hell...we walked through it sooo many times, smiled at it, straightened our crowns and walked on! My son reminds me that you are in a ...


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MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017

We Reap What We Sow...

~'We reap what we sow...'... How many times have we heard that saying? A lot. And I mean a lot. How true is it? It's in the Bible, God tells us this. He reminds us of this. Do we really take it in, soak up the words and understand? Sometimes, but other times we just do our own thing and then realize how much we messed up by not trusting God.
~If you take the time to look back on your life, those words will begin to become more and more evident. Take a few minutes to think about a few situations in your life that were important and life altering in their own way. During those situations, did you feel like you didn't understand  why at that time? Did you feel like you did not wrong and were upset that you were having to endure something unexpected? ...


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SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2017


~Hey y'all! Happy Friday! We made it through another crazy, busy, keepin'-us-on-our-toes week! Ahhh! You should be very proud of yourselves...these days, our lives are so hectic that we don't even really get a chance to breathe! So, since we hopefully have a bit of down time, we can look back on our accomplishments throughout the week! 
~Accomplishments...have you ever reviewed your week and said 'well I certainly didn't get much accomplished?'...or at the end of the day, say 'well I certainly didn't get everything accomplished I wanted to today.' I would tend to think that most of us have. We wake up in the morning with this immense amount of busyness going on in our minds before we even give ourselves a few minutes to actually 'wake up'! Talk about already becoming exhausted before our day actually begins! I know it's hard for us to even turn our ...


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