~Hey y'all! Thank you for being patient with me while my website was revamped! My web creator had some cleaning to do...he is such an amazing creator! I love him and his sweet wife dearly! He creates, maintains and monitors intensely, quite a few websites. We are blessed to have him take care of us so well! Thank you, Bill! smiley
~I want to pen a few words today, to encourage someone who needs it. Grief is not an easy 'word' to discuss or even to say at times. We all handle our grief differently. I wish I could tell everyone the perfect way to get through grief, but I can't. That is not even possible. Grief can knock us down at any given time...unannounced and that is beyond difficult to get through. 'Grief attacks' happen at any given time. Sometimes, no warning at all. These attacks are part of the experience, the process, the healing. 
~Sometimes when someone asks how I'm doing since I lost my father a year ago March 30, my eyes fill up with tears...or I just go silent or I talk openly about it. We don't always know how our heart and mind is going to react. I suppose for some people, counseling is a great way to help them through. I only suggest that with that, you find a trustworthy counselor, even a Christian one.  
~Never be ashamed to ask for some comfort if you need it. There is no one set way to handle our sadness. For me, I talk to Jesus, read my scripture and pray. I also sing and is a therapy for me. It's important for you to find ways to free your mind. Not everyone enjoys writing, I know! But even a few lines a day, written down can help. Write down your feelings for the day, your thoughts and when you became a little down. It's OK to have these feelings! It's OK to express your feelings! It's crucial not to keep your feelings buried inside...your feelings will begin to creep into your daily routine in life. You don't want that!
~I always encourage others to try to stay positive as much as possible. I know, who can really do that?!! We are just human! But, if we just try to focus on something positive daily, it will help us get through some of those difficult times. Believe me, I know. Grief has no rhyme or reason, trust me. We can be in the absolute best of moods and bammm...crushed. That will happen...maybe for a year, years or every single day. That's OK too! 
~With all of that said sweet lovelies, never feel bad for having are amazing! You will get through everything that you endure in this life! Stand strong, believe in yourself and pray always! Many Blessings! Much Love!~ love

love ~christina love~ love

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[ posted by Ronald McDonald, April 27, 2017 21:42 ]

I love your blog as you as so great at this.

[ posted by Bill, April 28, 2017 5:41 ]

It has been my pleasure to watch you spread help and hope and the message of God's love using the little I help you with. Keep up the good work Christina. God's speed and blessings to you and your family. Bill

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