SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017

Summertime Babyyy!!!

~Ohhh myyy goodness!!! We have been having winter here in Indiana wayyy too long!!! Ahhh!!! Seriously, it gets old. My eyes are not even sure how to react when there is a peak of sunshine! Have you ever noticed how the sunshine has a way of warming your soul and mind?!! It just instantly gives you this warm feeling of love! Yes, love! 
~Sooo...what does summertime mean to y'all? Do you like the bonfires, sunsets, walks under the stars? Yepper, that's me! You are totally smiling right now as you are reading this! Yesss, I succeeded! It takes a lot to make some of us smile because life is absolutely hectic and beyond busy. So, sense you're smiling, you must share your happiness with someone today! I love being the one making you do this! 
~Summertime is the absolute best time to sit out under the stars on a warm evening, drinking lemonade or your choice of drink! It's the best time to sit around a bonfire roasting marshmallows...even though I am not a fan of them, I totally enjoy roasting them...add lots of dark chocolate though and I'm all in! I love all of that and the sunrises as well...not to mention the chirping of the birds in the very early mornings...sooo peaceful! 
~Back to the bonfires, dancing on the tailgates of big ol' trucks under the lovely moonlight to some good ol' country music(alright, not everyone enjoys country, sooo I will include All music!)...ahhh now we are talking! No coats, no shoes...just enjoying the earth that God created! Smelling the sweet flowers that are everywhere we look, the birds nests and the wonderful late night sunsets...I just love. Those things make my heart skip a beat, really! I am sure that most of you can relate to what I'm talking about here...just the happiness that summertime can bring us! 
~I find that we all have to make time for ourselves at times, in a positive manner of course. That includes, including your family! Don't be selfish! That ain't right! Alright, that was my simple bit of positive encouragement there. If we don't allow our minds to rest, there is a constant stress level that takes us down little by little. Stress can creep in and we might not even realize it. Summertime has a way of minimizing some of that crazy stress. Heck, just sitting on the back porch can just alleviate some of our stress! 
~I certainly hope that all of you can enjoy this coming summer and rejuvenate your souls. It's so important. Our minds stay so busy and so occupied with everyday stress that we don't usually take time to renew. Try it though, I promise you will love it! Much Love!!! love
                            love~christina love~ love

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