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~Elvis Presley said it best in his song "You know someone said that the world's a stage and each must play a part." Those words are totally true. We have our part in our own play but others have their part as well. Think about the people who have come and gone in your life. Some bring us hope, love and joy while others bring discord, negativity and drama. The unfortunate deal with this, is that we don't always know how an individual is going to impact our life. We obviously can't see the future...we have to go through the process.
~We have to play our part to the best of our ability. Of course we are not always happy either...this is our real life play. God created us to be passionate with joy, forgiving and understanding. Forgiving someone who has done us so wrong, turned our life upside down and caused more drama than an actual play is sooo very difficult. We ask God "why." He reminds us that He is in control... It is their reflection of has nothing to do with you. When people 'act' a certain way, but then 'act' another when they are around other people, it only shows their insecurity and their disrespect for themselves. 
~On the other hand, there are those amazing people that bring us that added joy and love into our life! Yesss! We love when this happens! So often it is someone completely unexpected. They are playing the part of sharing happiness with us...ohhh I just love that! God works that way! Believe me! There are those sweet people that play a powerful part in our life that might never even know it. We must always thank God for these people because He sent them! How special do we feel when this happens?!! is crazy. Period. Our own play can be as chaotic as the day is long. Even when we try to do what God wants, we still fail at times, lots of times. We are only human. These times are pivotal scenes in our play...they are necessary. The negative, the positive, the horrible...all add to our own play. All of this helps mold us into a better person...seriously, it does. Sometimes it takes awhile, but when we are focused and depending on God, we will get there! We must write our story continuously with God by our side and our mind focused on the positive as much as possible. It's important for us to endure the horrific hurt to be able to grow. Those scenes are hard to get through and even look back at but they help us move forward. They help us become stronger...and better, each and every day.
~We will always have those special people who played that immensely crucial role in our well as those people that play the negative roll. It's how we fit them into our scenes that matters. Take a negative scene and look deeper into as to how it is positive as well. Turn the bad to good! If they are no longer a part of your play, then there is a reason for it. That's alright! God never said we have to keep the same characters in our lifelong play. We just have to try to fit the new characters in. Don't forget, sometimes these 'new' characters are 'old' characters. There are people that have such an impact in our life and maybe we don't see them or talk to them for years...but as soon as we do, it's like you were never apart! Now that makes for some great scenes in the play! 
~I know...more serious words penned but it's what God laid upon my heart! The good, the bad, the ugly! Yepper, I'm here for all of that! Even though we endure heartache and pain in our life, we can still overcome it all by using these situations to become better within ourselves. After all, you are the Main character in your play! You must play your part well! You will encourage more people than you even know! Much Love! love
                                                  love~christina love~ love

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