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~Hey y'all! Happy Friday! We made it through another crazy, busy, keepin'-us-on-our-toes week! Ahhh! You should be very proud of yourselves...these days, our lives are so hectic that we don't even really get a chance to breathe! So, since we hopefully have a bit of down time, we can look back on our accomplishments throughout the week! 
~Accomplishments...have you ever reviewed your week and said 'well I certainly didn't get much accomplished?'...or at the end of the day, say 'well I certainly didn't get everything accomplished I wanted to today.' I would tend to think that most of us have. We wake up in the morning with this immense amount of busyness going on in our minds before we even give ourselves a few minutes to actually 'wake up'! Talk about already becoming exhausted before our day actually begins! I know it's hard for us to even turn our minds off at night which therefore leaves us nothing but exhaustion the next day. Because of that, sometimes we are not able to get as much done as we would like. But, that does not mean that we were not productive. Believe me, I know!
~I think it's important that we always reflect back on the week we had. It's not always a wonderful reflection, I know, but that's alright too. We learn from what accomplishments we finished and even ones we didn't finish. We do not have to accomplish every single task on our list for the week. Most likely, we never will obtain that. There is just so much that we put on ourselves, that most the time we stay stressed out. What does that mean?!! It means that when we stay stressed out like that, it's much more difficult to accomplish things! 
~I bet you didn't know, that a simple, small accomplishment is just as empowering as a big accomplishment. Yep! That is the truth! We have to remember, we are just 'a' person. We have one mind that works overtime. We don't even give ourselves enough breaks to rejuvenate our bodies like we should. It's crucial that no matter what you have endured or have to endure, that you give yourself time to rest. Resting allows our minds to sort out the junk from the week and clear out. So yes, you deserve it! Yes, you! You are Amazing! Look at all the tasks you finished this week...come one now, that is truly wonderful!
~Look, bottom line: life is chaotic! No matter how much we try to organize and rearrange, life is still chaotic! But, we can make it into positive experiences. Just because there is a lot going on does not mean we are destined for complete disaster! Make sure you give yourself time rest, to renew and to relax. We often think that we can't let ourselves do this, but we must. It's so important! Now, I expect each of ya to spend a little time relaxing this weekend! I know that some people have to work, but still, try to find those few minutes each day that you can revamp's crucial! When we do these simple tasks, our accomplishments have a way of just happening more without us even realizing it. It balances us a bit more! Try it! It's quite simple!
                              ~much love,
                            love ~christina~ love



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