~Hey y'alll!!! Ohhh myyy goodness!!! It is Christmas!!! eek Whattt happened?!! I cannot believe this year is almost over!!! It is like we blinked and sneezed...then bammm, it's over!!! Ahhh!!! Well, I am sure that most of us are absolutely everywhere trying to finish up last minute Christmas shopping!!! Except for me!!! That is righttt!!! I am done and all gifts are wrapped!!! Woot Woot!!! I am totally thrilled that I have had a little bit of time to just really enjoy the season this year!!! love
~I just wanted to send a reminder to everyone...that the only reason for the season, is...JESUS!!! He is the reason why we celebrate this holiday. It is so important to make sure we share this with our youngins and other family and friends. It is so easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, that we forget in our hearts what it is truly about. It is a wonderful time to spend with family that we might not normally be able to see. Or, for some, it is just a time to really take in the past year and begin to sort through it all. 
~Life has a way of keeping us so crazy busy that we forget to even stop and breathe! If you are planning on being out these next three days prior to Christmas, remember, it is not about how many gifts, but instead, about a gift from the heart, the gift of giving. This also means, that it is about the gift of love! Share some love, share some coffee, share some old childhood stories! It is the joy of watching our babies enjoy the story of Jesus and knowing that they understand why we are able to celebrate this holiday!!! So, in the midst of the chaos, make sure to share Jesus and share joy!!! We know that we could all use some more peace and joy in our lives!!! love While finishing your shopping, etc...breathe in the positive and exhale the negative!!! It will totally release the stress in your body and help you get through any situation!!! 
                                                ~Much Love...Many Blessings!!!~ love
                                                     love  ~Christina Love~ love

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