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Happy Fathers Day, Dad...

~I went to visit you today... I drove up your road, drove around and stopped at your earthly home but I couldn't walk up to the 'door'... But, my handsome son, your amazing Grandson, Cayden, did... You weren't home. He stayed there for a bit, shared a few things with you... He walked back to the car, he had tears in his eyes. He is far stronger than I could have ever imagined or prayed for. He is my rock in this crazy world. He has a way of making me smile when I feel like I have no smile left. He hold me up at times, he dries my tears, he opens my mind...we have such a powerful, special bond. We have been through hell...we walked through it sooo many times, smiled at it, straightened our crowns and walked on! My son reminds me that you are in a better place, Dad, every day. Cayden always tells me that you are peaking down at us and that you see some of the most important moments in our lives. His strength would make you smile! I know and he knows that you are sooo very proud of him. The way he has taken things upon himself to be a part of, to help others. He is truly just an angel. 
 ~Your only Grandson, Cayden, has turned into the most amazing and strong young man I have ever known. He is brilliant. He writes music, he is just truly something wonderful. His humbleness, his generosity, his love, his caring for others, his encouragement to others, the way he handles crisis, the way he strives to be all that God has created him to be. He plays that keyboard and piano like it aint no thang! His long fingers slide across those black and white keys like he was born with a piano in his hands! He is so tall, so handsome...just like you always were. 
~His 16th birthday was beyond amazing! I decorated, of course! You know how I am...I will decorate for his birthday until I can't move my muscles anymore! He got a brand new set of silver Pearl drums...Yep, he not only plays the piano, keyboard and guitar, but he also is a phenomenal drum player. He takes after you, with his piano and all of his musical talent. We often chuckle about your accordian! Ohhh we love that thang! He plays the piano like you...he can pick up anything...he reads music and picks up by ear. It all comes from you. 
~You were able to spend so many years with him, watching him grow into a teenager... Your words to me "he is a good kid, he takes after me!' You always made us laugh, even when you didn't mean to! He learned sooo much from you. I don't think you ever really knew how much of an impact you had on him. His words, his voice, his looks, so many times are 'you.' It's overwhelmingly sad yet overwhelmingly beautiful. 
~So, Cayden has his permit, he is driving now...he obtains his license in August. You could not wait until he started driving! You wanted to give him his first vehicle so badly. You had talked about it since before he was born! He knows this. He talks about the conversations you two had about him driving, trucks and him watching you drive out of the driveway for the first time. Well, he dedicated his first drive to you with his permit! Years go by so fast... He will be a junior this coming year...what happened?!!!!! I don't even know! 
~He was chosen by his school to spend next summer in Switzerland and Italy! Right now I know you are laughing your special laugh, the contagious one! Now we are all laughing! It is sooo awesome that he gets this experience! He is signed up, ready to go! He can't wait to explore. He loves to fly, loves to travel, loves to learn new things. He plans on attending college for music and drama. You remember all the plays he was involved in at school. You missed the one from this year. He was Romeo! He was totally phenomenal! He also had other parts, yep, he is a brilliant actor too! Those are just a few of the things that your amazing Grandson has been doing. Oh and he has a very sweet girlfriend...I approve...but I am still number one! You know how I am with myyy babyyy! I am beyond proud of myyy love! love
~So, I would have sat and had coffee with you today, you would have decaf, of course...me, I would drink strong coffee that would stick to the walls. Then, I would hear you say 'Christy, that is not good for you!' ... I would have, but you weren't there, in your earthy home. Instead, you were in your Heavenly Home, with Jesus.
~I cried a bit...but at the same time I visualized you with your whole new body, with no pain. I visualized your smile, you playing the piano with no pinky! You played so well despite that. I know you are playing that piano up in Heaven. Heck, I know you are leading the choir! We miss you every day down here. It does not get easier, either. But we know that you are so much more better off walking down the streets of glory. Goodness, this crazy world is a total disaster, just like you always talked to us about. You warned us. I would always say 'ya, ok'...but, your words have become more than true. It's a harsh, hateful world. So many people are full of hate, hurt and destruction. Everyone blames everyone. No one will take responsibility for themselves, pray and be kind. We all need Jesus more and more every day. 
~Well, I will sign off for now. I just wanted to get you up to date with a few things. Life has a way of changing so much, sometimes so often. What we do know, is that Jesus never changes...that keeps us going! And, unconditional love never changes. It is in the heart, the soul...Love is not just an adjective...it is a verb. I truly wish more people understood this and cared...what a better world we would be living in down here on earth. 
~We love you, Dad. We miss you. We think of you daily. Just the simplest of things reminds us of you. It's a reminder of just how strong unconditional love truly is. Happy Father's Day in Heaven!!!!!! Enjoy your special day in Heaven!!! love 
                ~With All My Love, Your Only Daughter, 
~Sometimes in this life, sweet lovelies, we have to just write to the ones we love...those ones that are in their Heavenly Home with Jesus. It does not just get easier every day. To me, every day is another day to get through of missing that special loved one. Jesus knows our hearts. He knows our pain. Believe in Him...ask Him to help you, to be your strength during these very difficult times. He will. I speak strictly from my own real experience. We are all truly blessed to have been allowed to spend time with any person that we truly love that is in Heaven now. Father's Day is difficult for so many people, for many different reasons. But, always remember, no matter what...we all have a Father, even the fatherless...we all have Jesus as our Father! That my lovelies, is something to be joyful about! Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful, hard-working, loving Daddies out there! Those Daddies whom love their children and family! Much Love and Many Blessings!!!~ love
                                 love ~christina~ love

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