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FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017

Heyyy Fridayyy!!!

~Ohhh happyyy Friday sweet lovelies!!! We made it through another week! Whether your week was wonderful or difficult, you made it!!! Now you can look back on the previous days, reflect on your accomplishments and smile!!! Seriously, sometimes one small accomplishment is actually a major one for the week! Believe me, I know! wink
~With it being Friday, it's time to let your mind and body rest a bit. I know, some of you have to work through the weekend or your Friday is a different day of the week. Either way, you need one day to let yourself rest and relax. It's crucial that we give ourselves that down time. So many of us are on the go continuously, without taking a break. Make it a short one but just take one! 
~We live in a rush rush world...we don't even take time to smell the roses anymore...literally! Have you seriously noticed the blooms beginning for spring?!! Ahhh, good question! From our family life to our work life to our personal time, it's go go go. Life has a way of passing us by without us even realizing it. As I've became older, it has become more clear to me that time truly does not stand still. It ticks away as we become older. Take time for those special moments with your children, spouse or yourself! 

~So, what does that mean? It just means to maybe sit on the porch with your loved ones, take a long drive and chat or even play a game together. Sounds simple, right?!! It is. That's all it takes to spend some time together and it's positive!
~So, with all the above mentioned, try it! I promise it will at the least make you smile! Give yourself a small break this weekend, after all, you deserve it! You are Amazing! You must renew your mind, body and soul...it's a 'have to' part of being you! 
Take some time for those very special moments no matter what! Share your time, share your love! Many Blessings! Much Love!~ love

                    love~christina love~love

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