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MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2017

We Reap What We Sow...

~'We reap what we sow...'... How many times have we heard that saying? A lot. And I mean a lot. How true is it? It's in the Bible, God tells us this. He reminds us of this. Do we really take it in, soak up the words and understand? Sometimes, but other times we just do our own thing and then realize how much we messed up by not trusting God.
~If you take the time to look back on your life, those words will begin to become more and more evident. Take a few minutes to think about a few situations in your life that were important and life altering in their own way. During those situations, did you feel like you didn't understand  why at that time? Did you feel like you did not wrong and were upset that you were having to endure something unexpected? If you are human, you have been there. We have all been there. 
~We have all cried our eyes out wondering why, wondering what we did so wrong... Then, at sometime later in our life, we realize what it is. Isn't that amazing how that works? I think so. When we sit and think about our past situations that God has brought us through, we usually can see where it went wrong. It usually ends up going wrong when we try to control things ourselves and don't trust Jesus. 
~Then, sometimes we get upset with God. I know, it sounds horrible, but we do. I think most people who know the Lord have been here as well. We are not perfect and never will be. We get upset with God and ask Him why did He allow this to happen to us... Well, He shows us what paths to take and sometimes we decide to take a different one. When we take the different path, there are consequences...always. That is just how life works. I know people whom are now reaping what they had sown years ago... We do not know how or when, but it will happen. That is something that is made very clear to us in the Bible. 
~Does this mean that we are all going to only sow positive seeds? Heck, I wish I could say that. But in all reality, we live in this world where there is so much chaos, confusion and sadness, that at some point, we all sow negativity. But we don't have to keep doing so purposely. It takes so much energy to be negative 'just because'. I mean seriously, there is enough that 'just because' garbage going on everywhere. Try to keep that out of your own personal life. 
~When we realize we are reaping from something we have sown, it grabs the heart(for a lot of us...there are some that it never affects, but that is an entirely different chapter). For some of us, we just swallow our pride with the reaping and go on our way, but for others of us, we ask God to forgive us and help us with what we are going through. Does He hear us when we ask Him for this? Yes, always. If we ask Him to help us, to forgive us, He will. He holds His hands out, waiting for us to come to Him. 
~Jason Crabb... My absolute most favorite gospel artist of all time, whom is absolutely the most anointed man ever with his voice, sings an amazing and powerful song called 'Please Come Down To Me'. He previously was with his group, which is his family, The Crabb Family. They released this song so many years ago and it pulls on the heart strings. It's about people that need God and need Him to help us. There is a verse in the song that goes like this: 'I guess I must be reaping from the seeds that I have sown, Lord you owe me nothing, we haevn't spoken for so long...if you could spare some mercy, I'll pledge my life to Thee...I'm too unworthy Lord to come to you, could you please come down to me...' Those words are true for every single one of us. Whether we sow the good or the bad seeds, the positive or the negative, we reap them. 
~We all need to really understand how powerful those words are about reaping what we sow. Our lives would at least begin to be less chaotic. We would care a little more and spend more time with God. Think about that...if we are asking God to guide our steps more and pledge our lives to Him more, what a positive difference that would make in our lives. Does this mean we won't have trials in our life? No! We will have trial after trial, battle after battle. But if we spend a little more time sowing the good, encouraging seeds, then we would be filling our own heart and soul up with the good. When we fill ourselves with good, we give out more good. When we fill ourselves up with bad, we give out more bad...it's the cycle. 
~I included Jason's song 'Please Come Down To Me'  for y'all... Just take a listen...it won't take up more than 5 minutes of your time. Let his anointing flow through you as you listen to the words...we are so unworthy to call upon Jesus, but to Him, we are worthy and He is always there, waiting for us. 
                           ~Much Love...
                     love ~Christina Love~ love

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