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You Must Try This Amazing Product!!!


~Hey everyone! I hope you have all been doing fabulous! I actually wanted to share with y'all an amazing product that we came across! I know...you are all so surprised! Ahaha! Well, y'all know we love to share products and more that will somehow, someway, help you along your journey in life! We love sharing products that will help give you peace of mind! 
Y'all know that I am an advocate for SIMPLICITY! It is my word! I think that we live in a world that is so busy and hectic, that often times we forget how simple life really can be, if we allow it! We all just run around like a bunch of chickens that just got out of the coupe! Of course, not that we want to be like that, but the world keeps us moving like that. 
Life ...


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Look Up

Take a look up
If you feel alone

Maybe even stare
If you feel like stone

Take a deep look inside
For he is everywhere

Even if you feel he's not
I promise you he's there

Walk tall and with security
He will hold you up

Stagger maybe or fall
Again he will pick you up

Look up tonight
Know he's looking down

Pray in silence
Don't make a single sound

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You Wish... 

You could blame me for all of your hurt and pain...
You wish...you could still scream at me for all your failures...
You wish...I was the one that caused your own hell...
You wish...you could still demean me to make yourself look better...
You wish...I would say 'It is all me, it's not you'...
You wish...you could say that I didn't give all of my best...
You wish...I would carry your negativity around with me...
You wish...I wouldn't forgive you...
You wish...that I had a hatred for you, because it would make you feel better...
You wish...I would curse you out...
You wish...you could say that I never loved you...
You wish...that you could say that you never loved me...
You wish...for so many things...that are only a figment of your imagination,
in your make-believe world...

I Wish...

I ...


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Play Your Part Well...

~Elvis Presley said it best in his song "You know someone said that the world's a stage and each must play a part." Those words are totally true. We have our part in our own play but others have their part as well. Think about the people who have come and gone in your life. Some bring us hope, love and joy while others bring discord, negativity and drama. The unfortunate deal with this, is that we don't always know how an individual is going to impact our life. We obviously can't see the future...we have to go through the process.
~We have to play our part to the best of our ability. Of course we are not always happy either...this is our real life play. God created us to be passionate with joy, forgiving and understanding. Forgiving someone who has done us so wrong, turned our life upside ...


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FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017

Heyyy Fridayyy!!!

~Ohhh happyyy Friday sweet lovelies!!! We made it through another week! Whether your week was wonderful or difficult, you made it!!! Now you can look back on the previous days, reflect on your accomplishments and smile!!! Seriously, sometimes one small accomplishment is actually a major one for the week! Believe me, I know! wink
~With it being Friday, it's time to let your mind and body rest a bit. I know, some of you have to work through the weekend or your Friday is a different day of the week. Either way, you need one day to let yourself rest and relax. It's crucial that we give ourselves that down time. So many of us are on the go continuously, without taking a break. Make it a short one but just take one! 
~We live in a rush rush world...we don't even take time to smell the roses anymore...literally! Have you seriously ...


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~Hey y'all! Thank you for being patient with me while my website was revamped! My web creator had some cleaning to do...he is such an amazing creator! I love him and his sweet wife dearly! He creates, maintains and monitors intensely, quite a few websites. We are blessed to have him take care of us so well! Thank you, Bill! smiley
~I want to pen a few words today, to encourage someone who needs it. Grief is not an easy 'word' to discuss or even to say at times. We all handle our grief differently. I wish I could tell everyone the perfect way to get through grief, but I can't. That is not even possible. Grief can knock us down at any given time...unannounced and that is beyond difficult to get through. 'Grief attacks' happen at any given time. Sometimes, no warning at all. These attacks are part of ...


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