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MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017

Happyyy Mothers Day, Mommas!!!

~I certainly hope that each and every Mother out there enjoyed their very special day today! My beautiful family and I went out for a wonderful lunch...and met up with more family and friends! It was a blessed time for sure! Hoping all of you enjoyed the time you shared with your Mother, Grandmother, etc today! Maybe you enjoyed the weather outdoors or just sipping on your favorite drink on the back porch...either way, I am sure it was a beautiful time of sharing love!
~Mother's Day is a very special day, yes...but, let us remember to love our Mother's throughout each and every day. I was chatting with some people recently and we were talking about how important it is to share your love with your parents before we don't have a chance to. As most of you are aware, I lost my father last year...he went Home to be with Jesus. His birthday was May 12...yep, that was a rough day and then we slide right into Mother's Day. So, as you can imagine, it was a bit difficult to get through, but Jesus walked with us. I think that these specific holidays sometimes can do a work-over on most of us! It can drain us emotionally no matter how much we try to avoid those drawbacks.
~Life has a way of changing in an instant. As a woman who has been pregnant, delivered children and raising them, I can tell you that a Momma is beyond important! We carry these precious beautiful miracles inside of our own bodies for 9 months...just think about that men! Literally, we have a human life growing inside of us, getting bigger day by day inside of us. And men really have to ask at times, 'Why is she so cranky?' I mean, seriously?!! How about you men try doing that...it wouldn't happen! Women endure so much when becoming pregnant and carrying a child. 
~The Bible speaks very clearly on how important a Mother is. We sacrifice from the moment that little angel begins growing inside of us and then for the rest of our days on earth. A Mother's love far exceeds what most people really think about. That Mother knows that child, understands that child and has an unconditional love that can never be explained or expressed completely with words. It is the most magnificent type of love! 
~Mother's Day is traced back to spring celebrations in ancient Greece, in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. In the early 1600's, Christians in England celebrated Mary, the Mother of Christ. It expanded to include all Mothers and celebrated. That is just a small tidbit of information on the history of Mother's Day. It's neat to read little exerts and find these interesting facts out! 
~Now, with all of that said...please know that I realize some women cannot have children or they have lost children...and there are those things that God reminds us we will never understand. Many prayers and love to all who has endured. This does not make a woman any less of a woman! These things happen and we must trust God and know that His plan is the right plan! 
~Mother's Day is a beautiful day that arrives in the Month of May...spring time! It's a time for beauty, joy and renewing of flowers, bushes, etc. I hope that your Mother's Day was beyond what you even dreamed of! I pray your special day was filled with so much love, joy, hugs and kisses! I pray you were able to share love with that special Mother, Grandmother or lady that inspired you so much in your life! We are all blessed! 
                           ~Much Love!~ 
                         love ~Christina~ love

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