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Been Awhile!!! Sooo Thankfulll!!!

~Hey y'all!!! Can we say it's been a longgg while?!! eek We have all been sooo immensely crazy busy, with sooo many different opportunities and life in general!!! I pray that each one of you had an amazingly blessed Thanksgiving!!! love Now...Happyyy December!!! love
~Most of you that follow me, know that I am a huuuge advocate for being thankful every single day. To me, if we are not thankful daily, then why would we even expect God to continue to bless us immensely?!! Yes, He will bless us, but if we can't take a few breaths to tell Him how grateful we are for HIM, then we should never expect so much from Him!!!
~With that said, I have my latest video blog or encouragement video(whichever wording you prefer), that I want to share with you!!! We are all going to endure storms that seem like they will last forever. We are going to walk through hell while here on this crazy earth and wonder when the flames and the heat will cease. It's during these darkest of times, we must praise Jesus without a doubt!!! Yep, that's right...praise HIM!!! Thank Him for the difficult times you are going through and let Him know that you are trusting in Him to lead you to the light!!! 
~We cannot just be thankful on the holiday, Thanksgiving!!! Nooo!!! We must be thankful daily, for everything!!! When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do when you open your eyes is praise Him for another day!!! Praise Him during the day when you are so frustrated at work, because trust me, He will get you through!!!  Be thankful for the smallest of moments!!! His blessings will be so immense when you praise Him through the good and the bad!!!
~I pray that someone, even just one person, is blessed by my words in my video!!!  I speak strictly from personal experience. Life is not for the faint of heart, believe me, if anyone knows, I do... I am praying for all of you!!!  Thank you to each one of you that has continued to support me through my writings, singing, music, ministry, encouraging ministry, music ministry with my amazingly gifted son and more!!! My heart if full from all of the love and the thoughtful messages and visits of love to me!!! love 
~Hope y'all enjoy my video!!! Talk with ya soon!!! Much Love and Many Blessings!!!~ love
                                      love  ~christina love~  love

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Been Awhile!!! Sooo Thankfulll!!!

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