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SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017

You Are Not Defined By Negative People and Their Actions!!!

~Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! I pray that each one of you are having a blessed weekend filled with immense love and joy! It has been a busy weekend for us, but that is alright! We did find time to sit on our back porch to renew our minds a bit! Please take a moment to view my short clip is a simple reminder that only Jesus defines you! Then, please continue to read my view, or just view the video after...either way just as long as your are blessed! 
~It's been on my heart heavy to share with y'all about what defines you. We go through so many battles, we walk through so many fires and we have to constantly be dealing with negativity, that we begin to think this is what defines is Not!!! People have a tendency to take their issues out on others, usually on the person that is closest to them which in a lot of cases, it is the spouse. The spouse tends to get the brunt end of it all...the backlash from the other's spouses work, their negativity with everyday life stress, their own personal issues from the past and more. When we begin to endure this type of behavior, we might think "alright, my spouse just had a long day, they will be better tomorrow." I know, I think most of us have been here at some point in our life. It is beyond frustrating. It is aggravating and it is so exhausting. The emotional roller coaster some people put others on is absolutely insane and it will literally exhaust a person.
~Sometimes, we don't even see that it is exhausting us at first, taking away our precious time and causing undue stress. When we love someone, we want to believe that they will get better. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Usually, the person not being so negative will begin to have more negative thoughts, be more tired, their body might ache more and they just might feel more down and out, without even realizing it. This is because when we are around that type of negative behavior, it begins to slip into our minds, even when we try for it not to. We spend so much time trying to defend ourselves to the other person that we lose sight of who we really are. It is so important to understand that you do not have to validate yourself to anyone except God! Yes! That is the truth! You do not owe anyone anything...only God! Now, I know we still have to try to be the person God created us to be, but that still does not mean we have to obtain validation from another human being...because we do not! Remember that! Another person's validation of you and opinion of you, does not define You! Only Jesus defines you because He created you! 
~Wow! That is like a whirlwind in a way! But we must understand that another person's actions/behaviors towards us and their words do not define who we are. With that said, neither does our past define us! Yes, our past has helped create us and helped us understand what is right, wrong, but it does not define us. Our mistakes help us become better, our past helps us re-evaluate ourselves and ensure that we are not taking those same paths that caused destruction previously. Yes, we still choose wrong paths, but knowing the wrong paths prior helps us move forward in a positive manner.
~People who have acted negatively towards us, whether by behaviors or words, do not define us and they need to re-evaluate themselves to see what it is they are searching for. People who negatively continue to hurt someone, have their own issues they need to confront. Of course, we are all negative at times, i get that, we all are...but it is the constant negatively that a person places on another human being that is just too much. 
~Sometimes it is difficult to get to the point where we realize that we do not deserve that kind of treatment, we must always spend time in prayer asking God for guidance. Whether this person is a spouse, friend, family member, etc...this applies to all. As humans, we go through so much as it is with our confidence and it is crucial that we do not allow someone to continue negative behavior with actions or words. It is so easy for our minds to go "this is ok", when it is not! Life is difficult enough, no one certainly needs the constant negatively of someone attacking them for their own insecure reasons. Insecurities can cause so much damage. I pray that for those struggling with any of this, that you will turn to God, ask for guidance and follow His ways. You are  defined by Jesus, not people or your past!!! 
                                                                    Much Love...
                                                           love ~christina love~ love

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