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Love Is Not Just A Noun But Also A Verb...


~Love~...'an intense feeling of deep affection'... Love...'a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person'... Love...'is not just a noun, but also a verb'... Love...'is patient, love is kind...' ... We all falter, we all fail...but it's how much we truly love a person that will surpass all the negativity, when two people try and they get the proper tools to help them grow, together...' love

  ~I wonder how often people actually understand the meaning of 'love is not just a noun, but also, a verb'... Think about that. A verb shows what? It shows~ action. So, why is so difficult for some people to show love? They 'say' they love a person, but do they truly know deep down what it truly is? Do they know what it truly feels like? I honestly believe that so many people get wrapped up in the 'idea' of what love is 'supposed' to be, that they don't actually know what it feels like to be 'in love.' Many people 'play the part' of love, but they are missing out on so much. 
~Here is my view on this and after listening to others explain their relationships and their concerns to me, this is what I have found to be true. When two people meet and they enjoy each other's company, they instantly see stars. They feel the butterflies, they are attracted to that person, they can't stop thinking about them. Both people start doing cute little things for each other(love is not just a noun, but also, a verb...). They write notes, they call on the phone often, they text cute little emoji's, they are respectful to one another, they take each other's feelings into complete consideration, they don't do things to upset the other person, they give each other gifts, they begin to see one another more, they run into each other's arms when they meet every time like they have not seen one another in years and so on. So, that happens for awhile. It is a 'new love' type of feeling. What happens now? They fall in love, head-over-heels with each other. They are sooo in love, attracted to one another, they love everything about one another... Ohhh, but...they fall in love with whom they first met. Ahhh...there it is. Yep, they fall in love with the person they first met and got to know, not the entire person.  
~We are human...we are of the flesh. Therefore, most of us will put on our best 'self' for awhile...until, we start to get comfortable. Then, next think you know, it is little things here that bother one of them, then the other... Then it's little spats here and there, phone calls start to get ignored, texts get ignored, some aggravation starts to show up, there are tones in the voices...and then, it turns into more of a battle to get the last word in... This leads to hurt, pain and frustration...not to mention broken hearts... 
~Now, with all of that said... What is wrong with working through those situations? Nothing, nothing at all. Unfortunately, so many people give up because they always think the grass is greener on the other side...when, in actuality, if they were watering their own yards and each other's, there would be fulfillment on both sides. See, in a relationship, there is give and there is take. But, let's be realistic, women are much more emotional and demanding most of the time. We deal with sooo much, in our everyday lives, that we want our spouse to be supportive of us, no matter what. If we fail, we want them to love us, if we screw up, we want them to love us, if we don't fix our hair or get dressed up, we want them to love us. Unfortunately, we live in such a messed up world with the new kind of love, that the traditional values of love hardly exists. Sighhh... So, as a woman, we instantly become defensive because we don't understand how we can give sooo much love to our spouse and yet, he is not giving his all, as we feel like he used to do. And yes, vice-versa as well. Note: I am speaking from my view, as a lady. Therefore, we get upset, we get moody, we get snippy, we just don't understand where that amazing, calm, laid-back and ever-so-loving spouse went to that we first met. So we try to talk to our spouse, but yet, it is like it gets nowhere... Next thing you know, it is back and forth and just turns into a mess... Frustrating for both...
~Expectations are something we should all have in a relationship, but keep them real...and also,  always talk about them at the beginning of a relationship... Here is what happens though. We get into these relationships, fall in love and then these situations keep showing up more and then both people become more frustrated, so it is a never-ending circle of non-communication, non-care and disrespect. With that said, why does that mean two people can't keep working at it? Ya know, this world is so full of people running to this one, that one, this one...yet, no one is truly feeling the actual meaning of love and people sure as heck can't be living it and showing it, because there is so much frustration. 
~When people get to this point, what is wrong with stepping back, taking in some deep breaths, getting some Christian help books, and working towards rekindling that flame? If two people fall head-over-heels in love with another, and they are truly that in love, then there is Nothing, and I repeat, Nothing that should stop that love and that want to. Mistakes happen, people go through difficult times...but if God is the foundation of your relationship and you honestly fell in love with that person, even after the 'newness' wore off, then that relationship needs to be worked on. Think about how much time you spent with one another, getting to know each other, making each other feel special... Do that again. Don't worry about who did what and why... Move forward in a positive manner. Clean the slates, breathe in the positive and exhale the negativity. 
~Life is a gift. Love is a gift, from God. We are allowed one go at this life and God expects us to give our all. And when God gives us those special gifts in our lives, He expects us to treasure them and love them like He loves us. Does this mean there will not be arguments? No. No way. Everyone is different. But when two people love each other like Jesus loves us, like we are supposed to, then that couple can get through so much more than they even think. So many have the mindset of 'this is not what I wanted and you are not supposed to be this way'... Well, when we truly LOVE someone, we love them from the inside out...and we love them through the dark times, through the rough times... We are not supposed to just give up because it didn't go our way, etc. No one is Perfect...No one...Only Jesus... Most of us struggle with expecting the other person to be perfect in the relationship... Find that person that is perfect for you and you perfect for them...
~God reminds us of forgiveness. Yep, that word. Ouch. It hurts most of us, it stings, it burns. But it is a must. We cannot receive blessings from God when we don't forgive. My point is, this world has the concept of 'fairy tale' relationships and that is the absolute farthest from the truth. Every relationship is work. Every relationship is a job in itself, every day. When someone loves you with all that they have and you love them, at least try to make it work. Your feelings don't lie. Your heart knows. Reach out for Christian counseling, etc., to at least try... We are all blessed, and when we are blessed with a special love, we need to work every day to keep that love. Giving up is the easy way out. Trying to hold together that special God-given love, is the right way. 
~Go back to the beginning of your about about your feelings, both of you. Listen to one another. Truly listen. Let your hearts speak. Sometimes, that one special love is our one special love from God...hold on to it tight...two wrongs do not make a right. We all make mistakes, but when we try to live right and follow Jesus the best we can, anything is possible. Believe. 
~Many Blessings and Much Love!!!~ love
love ~christina~ love

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